Presenting Paula Edrington

Artist & Stylist of Fine Quality Old West Native American & California Mission Style Sterling Silver & Gemstones Jewelry

Athelma’s of San Miguel™ Fine Quality and Authentic Native American and California Spanish Mission Style Sterling Silver and Gemstone Jewelry is named for and in tribute to Paula Edrington’s extraordinary Grandmother, “Effie” Athelma Edrington, who was born on the family’s California pioneer ranch outside San Miguel, CA, San Luis Obispo County, CA, on Valentine’s Day, 1897. 

Athelma was raised as an outstanding young horse woman and rider, and an expert on California cattle ranching, as well as a curator of old west antiques, including valuable sterling silver, gold and diamonds jewelry.  Athelma’s beautiful photograph at age 22 stands as the logo for my website and accompanying social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

I lived and was raised with Athelma and my wonderful Mother, Joyce, on one of her ranches – “The 101 Ranch”, located on the old Estrella Route, seven miles outside San Miguel, CA, the home of one of California’s National Historical Landmarks, California Mission San Miguel Arcangel.  The beautiful Mission has a unique feature – its interior murals, initially painted in the 1800’s by Catholic Salinan Indians, have never been retouched or repainted, a glorious sight to be seen, and established by the Franciscan Order, on July 25, 1797.